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UltraClean-htp 96 Well PCR Clean-Up Kit
  • UltraClean-htp 96 Well PCR Clean-Up Kit

UltraClean 96 PCR Cleanup Kit


  • Yields exceptionally clean DNA in just 15 minutes
  • Purifies DNA 60 bp to 10 kb with complete removal of primer-dimers up to 50 bases
  • Easy-to-use silica spin filter plate format removes PCR primers, enzymes, labels and buffers


The UltraClean®-htp 96 Well PCR Clean-Up Kit is designed to purify PCR products directly from a PCR or enzyme reaction. If you sequence your PCR reactions or have applications where efficient removal of PCR primers is critical, this kit is your solution.

All reagents are optimized to remove primers, dNTPs and reaction components while purifying PCR reaction products in the size range of 60 bp - 10 kb. For products larger than 10 kb, run the reaction on an agarose gel and isolate the large DNA using a gel extraction kit like the UltraClean® 15 DNA Purification Kit or the UltraClean® GelSpin® DNA Extraction Kit.

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