EliZyme for End-Point PCR

EliZyme FAST Taq
  • EliZyme FAST Taq
  • EliZyme FAST Taq
  • EliZyme FAST Taq

EliZyme FAST Taq


  • Polymerase speed up to 1 s/kb for amplicons shorter than 1 kb
  • Extension 15 s/kb
  • Shortens the length of PCR programs
  • Adjust the volume of enzyme


  • Routinne PCR
  • Sanger sequencing
  • GC-rich and AT-rich sequences
  • Other genotyping applications (including downstreamh applications)
  • TA cloning

EliZyme FAST Taq is a robust enzyme suited for everyday PCR applications including genotyping, screening and library construction. It is characterized by enhanced PCR speed, yield and specificity. The combination of enzyme and buffer system makes exceptional PCR performance on complex templates such as mammalian genomic DNA. EliZyme FAST Taq DNA Polymerase has 5’-3’ exonuclease activity, but no 3’-5’ exonuclease (proofreading) activity. The error rate is approximately 1 error per 2.0 x 105 nucleotides incorporated. PCR products may be cloned into TA cloning vectors because EliZyme FAST Taq DNA polymerase generates A-tailed PCR products.

For higher comfort is EliZyme FAST Taq DNA polymerase also available in a 2x ready mix version. EliZyme FAST Taq MIX Red contains a red dye for tracking during agarose gel electrophoresis. It is suitable for direct loading onto agarose gel.

Ref. No. Size Package Price ex. VAT VAT  
EZ5005 1x0,1ml 5U/µl + 4x1ml buffer 500 U € 70.90 21 % Buy
EZ5010 2x0,1ml 5U/µl + 1x8ml buffer 1000 U € 113.10 21 % Buy
EZ5020 4x0,1ml 5U/µl + 2x8ml buffer 2000 U € 193.90 21 % Buy

MSDS EliZyme FAST Taq-5x Reaction Buffer CZ

(published 06.02.2019, size 554.1 kB)

MSDS EliZyme FAST Taq-Taq DNA Polymerase CZ

(published 06.02.2019, size 559.7 kB)

Návod k použití EliZyme FAST Taq

(published 24.01.2019, size 840.4 kB)

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